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Co-working & Co-living

Real Japan


Our co-working space is located in the Japanese countryside and provides an authentic, real world experience of living and working in Japan, far away from the well-trodden tourist trail. A real Japanese town, with real Japanese people and a real Japanese lifestyle.


Experience co-living with your fellow digital nomads in our well appointed house.


Looking for an enriching experience? You got it! We invite you to join is in getting involved in the community and supporting local events, which in turn support local lifestyles and businesses.


This is truly one of our passions. We love learning, sharing and having the opportunity to educate, as well as play an active role in the local community. With us you’ll get an authentic cultural experience, thanks to your authentic Japanese neighbours and other locals. And no doubt you’ll pick up some additional cultural exchanges from your fellow co-workers too!


Everyday at TANEHUB we host a group lunch catered by a local restaurant. Traditional Japanese food prepared by real Japanese people! You can try many local foods & produce – not just Sushi & Tempura you’d eat in touristy areas! In the evenings, we cook together using different foods and ingredients from both local and across Japan.


A typical Japanese town in a rural setting, you can lose yourself for a while walking around the town soaking in the local sights and sounds. Exploring further afield you’ll certainly remember the traditional villages and incredibly beautiful landscapes, including white mountains complete with ski areas. Nearby we also have beaches, hot springs and a national forest.

Can You See and Do


Peaceful Beaches

The beach is only 10km away from our space, a short shared ride or a peaceful bicycle trip away.

Hot Springs

The region is famous for its hot spring containing different water qualities, you appreciate the various healing properties of hot spring bathing.

Samurai Village

It feels as though you have traveled back in time. It is easy to imagine samurai walking down these roads past the Edo period houses and cherry blossom trees.

Trekking & Hikking

Akita is home to a variety of hikes and climbs of all levels. From beginners to experts, there are all kind of trails you can challenge yourself on.


Full of mountain vegetables such as wild plants and mushrooms, each household has an inherited way of cooking the typical food.


Akita’s sake, brewed by master artisans using rice and water fostered by Akita’s climate, have become established brands befitting a rice-producing region.


A rare experience, even for native Japanese, kabuki is possibly the most dramatic form of traditional Japanese theater- drawing its name from a term meaning "bizarre" or "out of the ordinary"

Jyunsai Picking

Junsai is a kind of waterweed found in ponds with good water quality. Although the plant has long been eaten, it now only grows in limited regions because of changes in the surrounding environment.

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